A few of my favorite photos with back-stories from my Bridal Image Archives. With compliments and love from my beautiful Clientele.


2014 ~ 2019*



*For years I had wanted to live on the Big Island. In late 2014 I moved to North Kohala (it’s amazing) and later settled down in a cool little art \ coffee community called Holualoa (equally amazing). Between 2014 ~ 2018 my primary creative focus was producing great photographic content and strategic branding initiatives for a new company ~ Alohilani Weddings. Alohilani is a boutique wedding studio located on the Big Island that prides itself on designing beautiful, environmentally responsible, low-impact weddings that respect traditional Hawaiian values. Alohilani’s mission is super cool. Their weddings \ elopements are very small (typically only 2 ~ 8 people attending) and uniquely simple. Alohilani events are always held on remote beaches, they involve very sophisticated and hip design elements (which only use the natural materials available on-site); but are so pure that the focus is on our Client’s love alone. Alohilani’s events and their designs are “High Style \ Low Impact”. During the 2014 season I was also able to sprinkle in a few beautiful MUSE Bride events into the mix which were all wonderful.

P.S. I’ll be based back on Oahu starting Q3 2019 ;)

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2012 ~ 2014*



*In 2011 I returned to Hawaii after working on strategic branding \ media projects in Shanghai, Beijing and San Francisco. After a six year break from photography (along with a lot of positive support from loved ones), I decided to pick up my camera equipment and launched MUSE Bride at the end of 2011. Between 2012 ~ 2014 I spent most of my time rebooting my personal photographic style. I was interested in learning both the creative and technical sides of crafting a look that had more of a “fashion editorial” feel to it ~ this included learning in-studio lighting, different post-production and color grading techniques all of which were both challenging and exciting. My goal was to develop a new quiver of editorial poses that any MUSE Client would feel beautiful and comfortable doing.

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2006 ~ 2019*

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*Aloha! I will be launching a new dedicated site that will showcase my portfolio from my time in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, SE Asia & Northern California. 

Visit METERA Branding to view my Strategic Branding \ IPO Road Show \ Investor Relations & Design portfolio. Cheers! ~ E



2001 ~ 2005*



*After years living and working in Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong, I came back home to Hawaii and In late 2001 I started a small photography studio named RÊVE Group. Photography was something I had always loved but had no experience doing as a profession (my background is in strategic branding, investor relations, and software development). I had always dreamed of becoming a photographer so I decided to take a leap of faith and see where I would land. Over the next five years RÊVE became quite successful and eventually employed a team of talented photographers to cover all of the studio’s events. At RÊVE we spent a lot of time and effort perfecting our photojournalistic skills along with introducing pro-level color grading techniques and post-production to all of our Client images (which was something new in the Hawaii wedding industry at that time). In late 2005 I received an amazing job offer in Shanghai China that I couldn’t pass up. I had always wanted to live in China so in January 2016 I made the move and handed over all future RÊVE accounts to the team. Many of these gifted photographers continue to create beautiful wedding images to this day.



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